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Production Services

Original Production (Non-Exclusive Beats) ($500+)

  • The Full Production of a track Built for your own purposes, but this option allows me to "re-use" portions of this track for other productions.
  • This service is for Artists looking for a Producer to be able to put their ideas down into musical form.
  • Usually I often do all of my own Mixing / Mastering after the beat-making / Arrangement process, but if you wish to use your own, you may, and it will reduce the price.
  • Revisions are allowed, and turnaround times can vary based on my availability.
  • Must credit me in the song title, such as "Sakura Ryoko ft. <Artist> - <Song Title>".
  • Splits for this service by default are 50/50, no buy-out options are available on this tier.

Original Production (Exclusive--GHOST Producer) ($750+, or $50/hr)

  • This Full Production service involves me creating your track, WITHOUT requiring my name in the title.
  • Must credit me as the Original Composer / Producer in the fine print.
  • You may title the song as: "<Artist> -- <Song Title>" with this option.
  • Splits for this service by default are 50/50, but exclusive Buy-Outs are available.  Total Buy-Out costs are negotiable, and it turns into a "Work For Hire" project, and may be subject to the per-hour fee on top of base amount(s) negotiated.

Remixing Service ($450+, or $50/hr)

  • The Remixing Service is used for an Artist with an existing release that wants me to create a new Production using their Original stems. 
  • This services is priced nearly the same as a Full Original Production, because the work is essentially the same, and includes all of the benefits of the (Non-Exclusive Production), because in rare cases I may recycle some of the Original elements.
  • You must provide me with a copy of your Original Studio Acapella / stems, and proof that you are the Original Artist, and an authorization letter for Remixing.
  • Song titles are often the same as the Original, simply with "(Sakura Ryoko Remix)" at the end, such as: " <Artist> - <Song> (Sakura Ryoko Remix). 
  • Must credit me as the Composer / Producer / Remixer in the fine print.
  • Splits for this service by default are 50/50, but exclusive Buy-Outs are available.  Total Buy-Out costs are negotiable, and it turns into a "Work For Hire" project, and may be subject to the per-hour fee on top of base amount(s) negotiated.

Production Base Rate ($250+, or $50/hr)

  •  This service is meant to be used as a "Work for Hire" service, and normally used for collaborations, or other previously negotiated work.
  • This service is not tied to any splits or Royalty agreements, and meant to be used "al la carte", and is not used for a Full Original Production.
  • Must be credited as an additional Producer in the work(s).

Production Services are averaging between a 2 week, and a 2+ month turn around, depending on the complexity of the project, and how much time I have to work on it, such as between jobs)

Vocal / Instrument Recording ($200+, or $50/hr) (Post processing/Travel fees additional)

  • This service involves me arriving at your location, and Recording your voice / instruments for use in commercial applications, or music.
  • I will clean up and perform post processing of the recording and prepare it for delivery.
  • Usually it will remain Dry, but I can add the Room, and other desired effects for additional fee's, but you will still receive a Dry deliverable as well, in addition.
  • This is considered a "Work For Hire" service, where per-hour fee's may apply.  Travel fee's may be additional.

Mixing Your Track ($100+, or $50/hr)

  • Your stems, your song.  You just need it mixed to prepare it for Mastering.
  • Usually done as a package with Mastering.
  • Price goes up if I need to perform more "repairs" to your stems than normal, such as if your stems aren't "in-time" with each other.
  • Must credit me as the Mixing engineer.

Mastering Your Track ($70+)

  • Your stems, your song.  You already have it Mixed the way you like it, but just need it sounding it's "best", the final polish before release.
  • Can be done in a package with Mixing for $150+, because I already have your stems & less work.
  • The price only goes up if I need to perform more "repairs" than normal in order to Master the track properly.
  • Must credit me as the Mastering engineer.

Photo / Video Editing ($150+, or $50/hr)

  • Your own stock video needs to be edited / rearranged / sequenced for something like a Music Video. 
  • You may ask for a Music Lyric video, for example. 
  • I normally "Watermark" my videos with my logo embedded in it.  If you wish for there to be no watermarks, add $100.

Other Services

Social Media Design / Support / Misc Services ($50+/hr)

  • You have pictures, and other media; but can't figure out how to create your profile?  Ask me for help.
  • Misc means just that, any prearranged services as my base rate, depending on the job and your needs.
  • This can be used as an add-on service, or as a per hour fee.

Club DJ ($300+, or $75/hr)

  • Usually this service is for my physical appearance at your club, and may include travel costs.  I prefer Club DJ / Radio DJ / Mixshow events over Mobile DJ-ing.
  • The time frame is usually for 4 hours, but for anything less, the base price is negotiable, but travel costs remain if not a reasonable distance from where I live.
  • Your sound system must be in working order, as no "repairs" are to be made by myself, as this may be a breach of commonly understood terms.
  • I normally bring my own DDJ console, but if you have Pioneer CDJ equipment installed, I may use that instead.

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